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Increase Your Home's Value with Our Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal in Portland OR

Having your roof cleaned by a professional company is the best way to guarantee that your roof will be in optimal condition all year round as well as looking great. A professional clean can remove all the algae, moss, and any other staining, brightening up your home instantly. Regular cleaning will improve the immediate curbside appeal and increase the overall value of your property. Such a simple service can have such a positive effect in so many ways and help you have a clean, fresh-looking roof throughout the year. At See Clearly Window Cleaning, we provide the most effective and affordable roof cleaning and moss removal in Portland OR. We have been serving the area as a company for more than thirty years, and you can be assured that you’ll only get the best in every possible way when you use our services.

Our Portland Area Roof Cleaning Process

Debris Removal

At See Clearly Window Cleaning, we want you to have the cleanest roof on the street when we are finished. Therefore, we do the most thorough job possible for all our Portland OR roof cleaning clients. This is why we include debris removal from your roof during our roof washing service. If your roof has any debris such as leaves, pine needles, and general trash on the surface, we'll sweep it all away before carrying out the washing to get the best results.

Algae Removal

Black staining on your roof is algae that grow on all different types of roof surfaces. While it's natural, it's not pleasant. It ruins the appearance of your home and can wear away at the surface making it weak and more likely to deteriorate. Removing the algae is extremely important to have a healthy and aesthetic roof. Fortunately, our affordable and professional roof cleaning in Portland OR is the perfect solution as we can completely clean up the surface in an instant

Moss Removal

Moss removal from your roof is a part of home maintenance that shouldn't be neglected or ignored. When moss grows on the surface of your shingles, it traps water, and discolors and damages the shingles. Your shingles will deteriorate and loosen, causing a lot of stress and costly repairs. To keep your roof's lifespan as long as possible, hire our professional Portland OR roof cleaning team, and we will remove all the harmful moss and treat the surface for extra protection.

Shingle Roof Cleaning

Our professional Portland OR roof cleaning and moss removal team has the skills, experience, equipment, and knowledge needed to delicately and thoroughly remove all the moss, algae, and natural residues from your shingle's surfaces. Our professional soft washing not only leaves your roof looking spotless and keeps the shingles in a healthy condition.

Tile Roof Cleaning

Don't put yourself at risk of injury by trying to clean your tiled roof by yourself. Washing your roof on your own only wastes time and money and can lead to disappointing results. See Clearly Window Cleaning provides the ultimate tile roof cleaning. We can swiftly and effectively clean up your tiled roof at great prices! We'll be sure to leave your roof looking brand new.

Metal Roof Cleaning

Our Portland OR Low-pressure washing service is the perfect solution to having a strong and clean metal roof. Your metal roof might already be more durable than other materials, but regular professional cleaning is still vital for keeping the surface clean and in great shape. And don't forget, all our roof cleaning comes with a 3-year no moss guarantee!

Restore Your Property In An Instant

$5,000 Satisfaction Promise

We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our work. That’s why we have a $5,000 satisfaction promise. We'll refund up to that amount if ever we fall short with our work and can't find a solution.

30 Day Gutter Warranty

We cover all aspects of guttering, from cleaning and minor repairs to even gutter guard installation. We offer a 30-day gutter warranty so you can have the utmost confidence in our work.

3 Year Roof Warranty

We know we provide an exceptional standard of work with our roof cleaning. So much so that, for your peace of mind, we include a three-year warranty on all our roof cleaning jobs.

Customer Focused

At See Clearly Window Cleaning, we make sure to put the customer first, always. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we do everything we can to give you the best service in every way.

The Most Thorough Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal in Portland OR

At See Clearly Window Cleaning, we guarantee the most thorough roof cleaning and moss removal in Portland OR. Our skilled and highly trained technicians provide an exceptional quality of work and customer service to everyone. Our roof cleaning and moss removal services are the most professional and trusted in the area, which is why our company comes so highly recommended. To ensure a safe and thorough clean, we use soft washing. This low-pressure wash alongside powerful but eco-friendly cleaning detergents gets the job done with zero pressure and zero damage. Additionally, we also include a 3-year no moss guarantee! You won’t find another company in the area that can offer such outstanding work, low prices, and superb guarantees.

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Restore Your Property In An Instant

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For any of our services, just get in touch with us at See Clearly Window Cleaning, and we will put together your free, no-obligation personalized quote. You’ll be sure to always get the best rates when you decide to go with us. 

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We schedule the work around your needs. This means you don’t have to worry about taking time off work or rushing home from an appointment. We always come when it is of utmost convenience for you. 

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What Your Neighbors have Been Saying About us

Roof Cleaning Portland OR

See Clearly Window Cleaning guys cleaned our roof and gutters and really did a fine job. We had some nasty wasp nests under the roof overhangs and so not only did we end up with a nice clean roof, but our wasp problem disappeared. They are nice to work with, prompt, basically did what they said they were going to do. I will definitely have them back.

Roof Cleaning Service Portland OR

Philip K.

Roof Cleaning Portland OR

The folks at See Clearly are very responsive and professional. I had them for gutter and roof cleaning, and then I hired them again a few months later to clean our windows and powerwash the driveway and patio. They did a great cleaning job, and they even moved everything off the patio. I didn’t have to do anything to prepare for them!

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Alix D.

Roof Cleaning Portland OR

Grayson and his See Clearly Window Cleaning team were amazing – They just cleaned our gutters, spot treated roof for moss, pressured washed our deck and front porch and washed all the outside windows. Hard workers, efficient, detail oriented and very professional – highly recommend their roof cleaning and other cleaning services.

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Eric M.

Frequently Asked Roof
Washing Questions

Quite simply, no. If the pressure is too high, then it can be bad for your roof. However, at See Clearly Window Cleaning, we never use high pressure. Therefore, we exclusively use low-pressure for the washing, keeping your roof damage-free while still delivering high-quality results.

To ensure that your roof is kept safe during the cleaning, we use a cleaning method called soft washing. Soft washing is pressure washing but at very low pressure. This means that water will never damage your roof’s surface or get under the material. Our cleaning solutions are also eco-friendly and harmless to your top and home.

You should ideally be having your roof professionally cleaned once a year. This frequency will keep your roof free from algae, staining, residues, and moss. We always use the highest-quality equipment to deliver the most outstanding results. Our super moss removal in Portland OR will keep your roof looking pristine.

At See Clearly Window Cleaning, our prices are calculated based on the job’s size and requirements. Since you only ever pay for exactly what you need, you never pay more than you should. To get your own free and personalized quote, get in touch with us online or by phone. We’ll put your quote together for you straight away, and you’ll see firsthand how great our prices are.

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