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At See Clearly Window Cleaning, we have more than three decades of experience window cleaning in Portland OR. Our company has provided expert and professional window washing  to thousands of homes and businesses during that time. Our skilled and experienced team will thoroughly clean your windows to the highest standard possible. Our window washing services will allow you to fully enjoy your windows and views, effectively bringing the outside world in. Clean windows have a significant effect on the overall look of your home, and our professional and affordable service will leave your home looking beautiful on the inside and outside.

Our Portland Area Window Cleaning Process

Glass Cleaning

Unlike other companies that provide window cleaning in Portland OR, at See Clearly Window Cleaning we clean both the inside and outside of your window panes. We use a squeegee or a water-fed pole in combination with super powerful cleaning agents to get the best results for this type of cleaning. Our methods are traditional but the absolute most effective way of properly washing your windows. All of our cleaning agents are strong but completely harmless for your family, property, and landscape.

Screen Cleaning

We don't just clean the window panes; we also have a window screen cleaning service if needed. Keeping your screens cleaned is vital for your home. If they are too clogged with dust and debris, they can no longer function correctly. Additionally, the dust and debris can spread around your home, creating a mess and lowering your family’s air quality. Our window screen cleaning service is the perfect solution to having fully functioning screens and excellent air quality in your home.

Track Cleaning

Vacuuming and washing your window tracks is an awkward and laborious job. Although track cleaning is easy to forget about, it's important task nonetheless. Like with window screens, if the tracks have too much debris and dirt, they can prevent your window from closing or cause damage. However, See Clearly Window Cleaning provides expert window track cleaning to keep your tracks fresh and in an optimal condition at all times. Hire us; you'll never have to worry about dirty tracks again.

Quality Benefits For You To Enjoy

$5,000 Satisfaction Promise

We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our work. That’s why we have a $5,000 satisfaction promise. We'll refund up to that amount if ever we fall short with our work and can't find a solution.

30 Day Gutter Warranty

We cover all aspects of guttering, from cleaning and minor repairs to even gutter guard installation. We offer a 30-day gutter warranty so you can have the utmost confidence in our work.

3 Year Roof Warranty

We know we provide an exceptional standard of work with our roof cleaning. So much so that, for your peace of mind, we include a three-year warranty on all our roof cleaning jobs.

Customer Focused

At See Clearly Window Cleaning, we make sure to put the customer first, always. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we do everything we can to give you the best service in every way.

Benefits of Our Window Cleaning in Portland OR

As well as having an extremely skilled and experienced team of technicians doing the work for you, there is also a range of other benefits you can enjoy when you use our window cleaning in Portland OR. At See Clearly Window Cleaning, we have a $5,000 satisfaction guarantee. That’s right, a massive $5,000. Your satisfaction is so important to us that we are happy to put this guarantee in place for all our customers. Additionally, our company carries a one million dollar insurance policy, so you can have extra peace of mind knowing your home is never at risk. Never let anyone into your home who isn’t covered and will be a liability for you. At See Clearly Window Cleaning, you will receive a professional, trusted, and affordable service every time.

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For any of our services, just get in touch with us at See Clearly Window Cleaning, and we will put together your free, no-obligation personalized quote. You’ll be sure to always get the best rates when you decide to go with us.

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We schedule the work around your needs. This means you don’t have to worry about taking time off work or rushing home from an appointment. We always come when it is of utmost convenience for you. 

Enjoy Your Clean Home

Sit back and relax without an ounce of stress. Our highly trained hard-working team will do all of  the work and leave you with a spotless-looking home. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a clean home with none of the hassle.  

What Your Neighbors have Been Saying About us

Window Cleaning Portland OR

The best window cleaning and gutter service! We’ve lived in our house since 1993 and have had a number of cleaning services. See Clearly Window Cleaning is far superior among other companies. Courteous, professional, efficient, outstanding work. These are our permanent windows and gutter cleaning service company. Thanks! Highly recommended.

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Eric F.

Window Cleaning Portland OR

See Clearly Window Washing did an incredible job. They did the job thoroughly and quickly. They were super polite at all times, took their shoes off while in the house and worked quietly. They offered to come back if there were any streaks left, which there were none. They cleaned all the screens too! They were excellent and very reasonably priced.

leslie rohde

Christine C.

Window Cleaning Portland OR

If you’re looking for window screen or door screen repair in Portland Oregon I’d recommend this family owned business. You drop your screen off, then pick it up in the next day or two. Fortunately I don’t have a lot of window screens that need repaired but when I have another one, I’ll be coming back here. Nice people, affordable prices.

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Greg B.

Frequently Asked Window
Cleaning Questions

We use both a squeegee and a water-fed pole with pure water to expertly clean your windows. Along with these tools, we also use cleaning fluids that are super effective but completely harmless to your windows and landscape. The methods and fluids we use guarantee we provide the ultimate results for you.

At See Clearly Window Cleaning, we can go three stories high. To go so high up, we use a water-fed pole. The water-fed pole uses pure water and ensures your home stays safe while having the same excellent results. Our top-quality equipment and cleaning will give your home the best window cleaning in Portland OR.

For the cleanest windows all year round, they should be cleaned around every four to six weeks. This will give you the clearest views and keep your glass panes in optimal condition.

We price our window cleaning based on the job’s size. The more windows, the higher the price, simple as that. However, our rates are extremely affordable and the most unbeatable for window cleaning in Portland OR. So, for your free quote, give us a call, and we’ll get one sent straight over to you.

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